Big data insight demands expertise
Big data insight demands expertise

While big data mining promises a boost in business intelligence (BI), many enterprises are still finding analysis a challenge.

According to a recent survey by Robert Half Technology, a surprising three quarters of chief information officers (CIO’s) don’t presently have a method for gathering customer data, and more than half of those that do collect that information admitted to having difficulty analyzing and deriving insight from it due to insufficient expertise. John Reed, senior executive director for the company, commented on the survey findings.

“Hiring employees to collect and fully leverage customer data can be costly, but the information can be extremely useful to organizations,” he said. “This type of information gives firms an opportunity to create more personalized online experiences for customers, develop highly targeted marketing campaigns and optimize business practices.”

A major obstacle to the collection, management and analysis of customer demographics is that big data insight depends on a system capable of creating structure for mass volumes of information. According to Computing UK, going forward, projects to mine big data will entail database experts and DBA services that can effectively implement standards for data integration and quality within the information architecture. Gartner analyst Regina Casonato told Computing UK that these efforts may include large-scale database management, such as SQL Server. She explained that database experts will require a sophisticated skill-set for handling big data, which will include the ability to leverage information from ever-growing and diversifying sources, integrate those sets into existing databases and identifying trends from customer sentiments, behavior and contact information.

Progressive techniques needed
However, experts agree that many companies have rushed to implement the latest technologies without consideration to objectives or strategies. CEO of Jaspersoft, Brian Gentile, told Computing UK that firms should take a layered approach to integrating new open source data management software. But regardless of the continual evolution of big data, Casonato asserted that the focus should remain on analytics.

“To structure and leverage information throughout data’s life cycle in order to better exploit it for risk reduction, efficiency or innovation,” she explained.

Technological support for big data management can aid businesses in the effective collection and analysis of customer information, which will be increasingly critical to marketing success and driving revenue.

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