Big data mining can strengthen the security model
Big data mining can strengthen the security model

Big data and a rise in cloud computing has blurred enterprise network boundaries, forcing businesses to reconsider overall security approaches. As companies use a continually expanding array of devices that gather mass amounts of information, close monitoring of this activity can give companies a deeper look at potential areas for improvement in security measures.

A new report by RSA argued that companies will need to adopt intelligence-driven security models that leverage big data analytics for precise, real-time insight into all risk factors that exist in the expansive database. The firm predicted that enterprises will gradually seek database administration services to support security efforts by making these technologies more comprehensive and risk assessments more accurate. As a result, companies will shift away from standardized, traditional security tools. William H. Stewart of Booz Allen Hamilton commented on the firm’s forecast.

“Defending against sophisticated adversaries requires advanced analytics to help narrow the field and focus around advanced threats,” he explained. “Analytic tools inform analysts, provide scale and identify patterns of behavior too subtle to be otherwise observed.” 

A consolidated frame
In order to detect these subtleties, the RSA recommended merging security programs with big data mining strategies, implementing an over-arching policy that accounts for all threats and regulatory requirements that could potentially impact the safety of the enterprise. This will entail a unified data infrastructure and scalable big data solutions that can be customized to address the specific storage, analytic and security needs of a corporation while leveraging external expertise. The firm predicted that within the next five years, analytic tools will become even more advanced in predictive capabilities.

These skills can then  help enterprises improve data protection efforts.

The Huffington Post reported that IT departments leveraging big data can examine how employees access and use all devices and applications to detect risky behavior. This means that big data analytics empower corporations to make decisions that have more contextual relevance, and are more customized to enhance security measures based on unique server demands and vulnerabilities.

Integration of big data analytics into security solutions will revolutionize the enterprise’s visibility into its own systems, which will be key to preventing data loss.

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