Mobile and big data pose a powerful opportunity
Mobile and big data pose a powerful opportunity

While the increase in mobile activity and devices has offered new opportunities for valuable analytics, it has complicated structural demands for data management. In combination with big data, mobility will transform enterprises strategies for data storage and mining.

Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management, reported to IT News Africa that mobility has shifted the approach to infrastructure management as firms struggle with data integration due to new disruptions and overwhelming volumes of information, much of which is unstructured. Traditional approaches to data management are no longer sufficient, Allemann explained, given a new dependency on a variety of mobile data sources. And because data quality is imperative to ensuring efficient decision-making and effective marketing strategies, more enterprises will be looking to DBA services and database experts to support effective integration and full advantages to virtualization.

Integration breeds endless BI possibilities
Other experts agree that as big data and mobile becoming inevitably co-dependent, each has unique features that magnify the benefits of the other. Xconomy contributor Scott Snyder, President of
Mobiquity, reported that the advantages to mobility center around immediate, relevant analytics, which are made even more impactful by big data initiatives, allowing firms to contextualize this information in real-time for more immediate results. Snyder explained that seventy percent of mobile applications not made engaging through data analytics are abandoned within the first two months of being downloaded. As user expectations for a superior mobile experience continue to rise, big data initiatives will depend on mobile analytics to drive more customized features.

Not only do mobile and big data offer a combined possibility for increasing user convenience and relevance, but these initiatives can guide consumers' behavior. Snyder asserted that by fusing big data and mobile analytics, enterprises can more effectively meet an individual client's specific needs or preferences. The real impact from these initiatives, however, comes from sustaining those behavioral changes for more long-term loyalty and profit. According to Snyder, enterprises can use mobile and big data to merge personalization and context of content of analytics with campaigns and offers, to increase the likelihood of a positive customer response.  

By fusing big data and mobile solutions, enterprises can provide targeted, real-time experiences that strengthen business impact regardless of the device, time or location.

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