Big data governance key for valuable analytics
Big data governance key for valuable analytics

While IT trends such as cloud computing, BI, social and mobile technologies have provided advantageous volumes of data, experts agree that enterprises need to consider new strategies for information governance to best leverage these tools. Database administration services can aid information architects in dealing with big data, and mining that information for insight into improving all business processes.

E-Commerce News reported that businesses capable of not only storing and studying big data, but connecting it back to security procedures, cloud storage and the mobile workforce can fully benefit from mining efforts. However, this requires more than just sorting through the information, and instead, rethinking the use and purpose of data with new architectural models. Additionally, businesses will need to consider archives that will continue to structure information for years to come, and how it will affect future decision-makers. In an interview with the source, Andras Szakal, vice president and CTO of IBM's Federal Division, explained that the importance of data lies in a business' ability to use it when it is most valuable.  

"It's ultimately not about the data itself, but it's about gaining deep insight into that data. So it's not storing data or manipulating data, but applying those analytical capabilities to data," he told the source.

Robert Weisman, CEO and chief enterprise architect at Build The Vision, explained that this can be a challenge for organizations trying to manage more data than is necessary, which also demands unnecessary supportive technologies.

"The issue for the architect is to figure out what data is useful, institute a governance process, so that you can have data lifecycle management, have a proper disposition, focus the organization on information data and knowledge that is basically going to provide business value to the organization, and help them innovate and have a competitive advantage," Weisman told E-Commerce News.

Big data for security
One way in which organizations have been able to capitalize on big data efforts is by filtering and analyzing security information. Network World reported that at a recent panel, Ramin Safai, chief information security officer at Jefferies & Co, said that his investment bank captures 25GB of security-related data every day. Another panelist, Humana Manager of Enterprise Information Security Stephen Moloney, revealed his agenda to use big data solutions in order to consolidate information from separate sources, for a more holistic analytic picture. He hopes that these efforts will aid in empowering his security operations group to make that information more valuable in terms of security strategies.

With proper support, enterprises can turn big data into more digestible, actionable analytics that can have a long-term impact on enterprise security, business growth and higher ROI.

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