Greater database support needed for successful big data
Greater database support needed for successful big data

While many enterprises are implementing big data solutions to deal with ever-growing volumes of information, analytics are often not relayed to firms in a way that is comprehensible and useful. In order to achieve valuable analytics from big data, businesses will need to seek the most robust technologies and the assistance of database experts to translate this information.

Using the right tools is particularly important for empowering marketers with big data analytics. IMedia connection contributor Usama Fayyad explained that marketing professionals are increasingly faced with an overload of information from a variety of sources. The most successful big data efforts enable marketers to understand analysis in a language and context within the business that is digestible and actionable. However, Fayyad explained that not all tools can bridge the gap by breaking down analytic speak. Enterprises can gain a significant competitive advantage by simplifying the "crunched" predictive insights into definable business strategies. According to Fayyad, the majority of businesses require remote database support to properly utilize complex algorithms and connect the dots between data flows. He asserted that a sophisticated database infrastructure can manage the analysis of increasing amounts of data, whether it is structured or unstructured, and in real-time for greater impact.

Big data-driven pursuits are becoming more dynamic and driving greater innovation as marketers are equipped with new technologies. Fayyad predicted that the next wave of big data-empowered companies will allow marketers to reach out to precisely the right audiences with targeted messages based on analytic predictions of who is likely to buy what. 

Applying predictions
Other experts agree that big data mining is worth the investment. GCN contributor Shawn McCarthy reported that a key driver in these investments is that big data analytics allow enterprises to be proactive in business pursuits, as opposed to reactive. This is because the predictive quality of big data insight enables firms to better visualize future opportunities and challenges for greater success. Further, McCarthy revealed that data visualization and visual analytic tools have allowed users to better understand how key data points impact everyday operations, and how changing demands are affecting existing resources.

Achieving results from big data efforts requires more than simply implementing analytic tools. Enterprises that use these technologies with remote support may apply analysis in a more meaningful manner, optimizing ROI.

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