'Disruptive' technologies don't have to disrupt business with remote DBA
‘Disruptive’ technologies don’t have to disrupt business with remote DBA

As new technologies and trends, such as cloud computing, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), big data and the Internet of Things become increasingly pervasive, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the need to address these advancements. In order to maintain a competitive edge, deploying the most advanced cloud, business intelligence (BI) and security tools will be critical. However, managing these technologies can be challenging for enterprises. By seeking remote support from DBA services, experts say that firms can leverage emerging solutions for maximum benefits.

In a recent report, ZDNet outlined some of the major factors keeping CIOs up at night, emphasizing a growing pressure on big data analytics. Kent Christensen, practice director of the cloud at  Datalink, explained that it has become more difficult for CIOs to maximize the value of business data, but if done effectively, analytics can significantly impact the bottom line.

Another CIO concern highlighted by the news provider is that BYOD and cloud storage have made it difficult to securely manage content. Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva, told the source that governance and protection of endpoint (BYOD) data is a top priority. Ultimately, CIOs are aiming to gain greater visibility into the network, secure information at the edge and make way for analytics and collaboration.

Mike Robski, Hostway vice president of research and development, told ZDNet that this can be daunting.

"One of the biggest challenges I face is continuously integrating new technologies with our systems while keeping them stable and reliable," he said.

ZDNet emphasized that even existing technologies can be disruptive, and the acceleration of these solutions has many businesses worried about a "technology lock-in" that will hinder growth. Ken Owens, cloud CTO at Savvis, revealed to the source that this has led to a primary concern. 

"The No. 1 issue for CIOs is recognizing the impact of these radical changes on their industries, translating that to the IT organization, and embracing their elevated role in spearheading completely new business models made possible only through cloud migration, outsourcing, ubiquitous computing and IT-enabled corporate strategy," he said.

Eliminating disruptions
To address these worries, Business Review Europe asserted that businesses need to seek IT solutions that are specifically designed to embrace emerging technologies. For example, to leverage a virtualized environment for high performance and security as well as reduced costs, IT leaders will need to deploy tools that are architected for new networking equipment. Additionally, it is imperative for IT and security professionals to stay educated on the most current developments in the tech industry, and utilize the expertise of DBA services in considering and testing infrastructure or technology-related changes.

With proper support, enterprises can stay ahead of the curve without compromising budgets, data security and other complexities. 

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