Data scientists coveted to keep up with market growth
Data scientists needed to keep up with market growth

The concept of big data has been thrown around the tech industry for years now, but what are companies doing to make sure they harness its power properly and effectively? More importantly, how do companies designate responsibility for this job within their organizations? According to Forbes, more businesses are finding it difficult to attract the human capital necessary to make the most out of what big data has to offer. The highly desired position of data scientist is becoming more valuable as data continues to increase exponentially.

Database experts have always been key players in the industry, but their services are becoming more crucial as companies begin to lag behind the constantly growing stream of data brought on by dynamic mobile platforms. With more data available to analyze, more strategies and possibilities for optimization arise with the proper resources. Forbes explained that big data is key for businesses wanting to automate workflow and maximize efficiency, but that hiring the right personnel to do these jobs is becoming expensive and harder to come by. Many companies are seeking software to fill this niche labor market. 

"Adding more humans like expensive data scientists is not the solution – software is the answer. More data, more people, more complicated questions. You can't just make up data scientists," Bruno Aziza, CMO of Alpine Data Labs, told the news source. Professionals like Aziza are looking for the next advancement in software to integrate into their workloads and allow employees in all branches of the company to utilize big data with hands-on features such as collaborations and visual representations.

Database management remains a top priority
Companies in need of streamlined database management services are constantly in search of ways to lower costs and gain efficiencies, and this is reflected in a rapidly expanding cloud computing footprint within the IT industry. According to a recent report from Seeking Alpha contributor Trefis, software development market leaders Oracle are seeing steady growth with the increased demand for optimized database solutions.

With a market capitalization of over $150 billion, Oracle represents the second largest company in the industry and has caught up with cloud adaptation after partnering with Microsoft and Salesforce last quarter. IT developers such as Oracle are striving to be the ones that offer the next groundbreaking solution in big data analytics and usher in the next generation of business optimization.

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