Planning and third-party support are key for cloud advantages

Planning and third-party support are key for cloud advantages

There are a multitude of emerging trends that have the potential to offer enterprises considerable cost savings, including cloud computing and collaboration technologies, but many firms are still failing to capitalize on these rewards. Poor planning and a lack of visibility into the infrastructure have hindered enterprises from integrating such solutions. By leveraging remote dba services and support, businesses can more effectively customize deployments to fit any unique needs and demands for reduced long-term spending and further, a competitive edge.

A recent study by Forrester revealed that despite continual efforts to minimize unnecessary IT costs, many firms miss out on savings each year by prematurely upgrading networking infrastructure and insufficiently considering maintenance contracts. Although 76 percent of decision-makers are concerned about these pressures to lower spending, many are actually unaware of the their options. Still, an overwhelming 80 percent of firms would leverage third-party maintenance if they found it to be more affordable than their current contract. Mike Sheldon, president and CEO of Network Hardware Resale, commented on the survey's findings.

"Businesses of all sizes need to know that there can be incredible value and cost savings with a reliable third-party maintenance service provider – helping to ease worries about tightening IT budgets without sacrificing quality," he stated.

In order to maximize value and ROI from the network infrastructure, Forrester Consulting advised that enterprises carefully scrutinize ongoing maintenance contracts. Additionally, the research firm stressed that metrics are key for measuring quality and longevity in regard to these solutions over time.

A seamless migration
One technological transition that can have a profoundly beneficial effect on the network is cloud computing. Computerworld reported that a hasty migration to the cloud can actually lead to higher costs and ineffective functionality, however. Casey Coleman, CIO for the General Services Administration (GSA), explained the importance of strategic cloud deployments.

"It is the case that it has to be well thought-out and methodical," Coleman said, according to the news source. "You have to plan for change management, promote user awareness, ensure cybersecurity in contractual terms, like with any IT project."

After moving to a cloud-based email system, the GSA was able to eliminate a large amount of unnecessary applications and consolidate workflows from the legacy email system, thus enabling the agency to turn off 300 in-house servers. Coleman revealed the GSA predicts it will save $16 million over five years as a result.

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