Small businesses catching on to cloud benefits for growth
Small businesses catching on to cloud benefits for growth

According to recent research, cloud deployments continue to rise as enterprises finally grasp how these technologies can offer efficiency, agility and a leaner business model. As more companies embrace the cloud, however, realizing these benefits may depend on support from a third-party, such as dba services, for effective implementation.

SmallBusiness reported that in fact, 70 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a Fasthosts study said that cloud adoption will be a critical factor for growth over the next 12 months. Simon Yeoman, general manager of Fasthosts commented on the implications of the study's findings.

'"Many large enterprises have firmly established their cloud strategies but SMEs have up until now found the concept of cloud quite alien and therefore haven't integrated it into business operations," he said, according to the news source. "The results of this survey demonstrate that SMEs are starting to think seriously about the cloud and that they are taking important steps to use it to their business advantage."

When asked which aspect of business these companies felt the cloud would be most helpful in, 38 percent cited flexibility and scalability.

Agile adaption
A major reason that more firms have turned to a cloud model is that software-as-a-service (SaaS) has enabled companies of all sized and budgets to quickly integrate the latest technologies at an affordable rate. Business 2 Community contributor Sara Harold revealed that for many SMEs, SaaS has transformed the IT infrastructure, offering dramatic savings as well as more powerful computing. Harold noted that these factors allow firms to experiment with new IT concepts and tools and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

Another key driver of cloud initiatives is the transition from capital expenditures to only paying for operating costs. Harold explained that SaaS and the cloud offer low subscription-based payment models, so there are no technological obstacles or need for hefty investments in hardware, maintenance and upgrades. As an example, she pointed out that ten years ago enterprises had to buy multiple copies of virus protection software and constantly invest in new solutions as technologies became more advanced. However, now businesses can purchase a single-user license and scale this software up in the cloud as the business expands, addressing new risks and needs.

One of the most important aspects of the cloud is that it is easier and more cost-effective to adjust the technology based on actual company demands, which allows for smarter investments and budgeting as well as boosts the bottom line.

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