Can clearer contracts speed cloud adoption?
Can clearer contracts speed cloud adoption?

When it comes to adopting cloud computing solutions, many organizations are still hesitant. Among the more commonly discussed reasons is security, but another major cause of reticence may be even more basic. In some cases, businesses are finding themselves too anxious to deploy cloud systems because of their contracts. 

Misunderstandings prevent adoption
According to ZDNet, Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner, Neelie Kroes, believes that in many cases, companies are buying into the cloud without knowing exactly what they should expect from these services. Many times, the contracts and service level agreements firms are presented with are difficult to understand, and this sets enterprises up for disappointment. Boosting adoption may very well depend on cloud vendors providing more comprehensible documents, Kroes said.

"One of the big barriers to using cloud computing is a lack of trust," Kroes wrote in a blog post, the source reported. "I think you should be able to know what you're getting and what it means – and it should be easy to ensure that the terms in your contract are reasonable: open, transparent, safe and fair. Even if you don't have a law degree."

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) advised that all companies looking to move operations into the cloud are sure to carefully vet any potential vendors. The organization recommended that companies look at a few areas where hidden costs could crop up. For example, leaders should be sure that before they choose a cloud provider, they know what percent uptime the service purports to supply. While some firms guarantee that the cloud service will be available 24/7, others might only promise business hours.

Additionally, NFIB suggested that enterprises should look for cloud vendors that offer businesses the ability to purchase services a la carte. If companies are only buying solutions according to the specific coverage they need, they run a smaller risk of overpaying from capabilities they may have overlooked in the contract.

Another important aspect of leveraging the cloud is to get expert assistance. With remote database support, an organization can make wiser choices about its cloud coverage.

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