Companies held back by outdated infrastructure
Companies held back by outdated infrastructure

As the business world becomes more competitive, those companies that implement the best emerging solutions will find themselves with an advantage over firms that stick to legacy options. With all of the advanced technologies available, it is no longer sufficient for organizations to stay completely loyal to outdated IT tools. Virtualization and the cloud are among the most important IT trends, and with expert remote database support, it it possible for enterprises to experience their benefits, improving their results along the way.

According to a recent survey by Brocade, 61 percent of IT decision-makers admit that their corporate networks are not currently suited for their intended purposes, while 41 percent said that they have experienced direct or indirect financial hardship as a result of downtime or loss of customer trust. Additionally, the average enterprise in the study updated its networks approximately every two years, and 24 percent waited as long as three or more years to do so.

Brocade noted that to keep up, organizations must begin deploying more advanced solutions.

"Many data centers that exist today are based on 20-year-old technologies, and the simple fact is that they can no longer keep up with demand," said Jason Nolet, vice president of data center switching and routing at Brocade. "Virtualization and cloud models require greater network agility and performance, as well as reduced operational cost and complexity."

Tech Republic explained that in terms of virtualization, there are many various advantages that companies stand to gain. For example, decreasing the reliance on on-site hardware can produce major cost savings due to several important factors, including reductions of staffing, cooling, electricity and maintenance costs. Plus, virtualization can give enterprises greater ability to choose whichever solutions fit its needs best, as they won't be tied to a specific vendor and its products or services.

Virtualizing operations and moving to the cloud can be challenging, especially for organizations that may not have a robust IT department on hand. Working with remote dba experts can be a way to make the task of streamlining and updating IT infrastructure go smoothly and successfully.

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