Nearly three-quarters of leaders are "cloud believers"
Nearly three-quarters of leaders are "cloud believers"

There's little doubt that the cloud has become one of the most influential recent IT trends. While many companies still see this technology as risky, it's becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the temptation to migrate operations and data. After all, the benefits emerging for cloud use are clear, including increasing efficiency, reducing spending and boosting uptime. As enterprises look to harness the power of these highly agile solutions, it's important for leaders to do it as intelligently as possible, and that often means using database support services to maximize the chances of success.

Faith in the cloud
According to a new survey by Evolve IP, more decision-makers are feeling confident that the cloud can provide answers to some of their company's most pressing problems. In fact, 70 percent of the organization leaders polled labeled themselves as "cloud believers," while 53 percent of IT managers said the same of themselves. As such, the study revealed that among mid-market businesses, there were an average of 2.5 services in the cloud per firm, with those helmed by "believers" utilizing 3.1 hosted services each.

"The survey data reflects what we see in our business every day," said Guy Fardone, general manager and chief operating officer of Evolve IP. "Most businesses already have at least one hosted service running but in some organizations not everyone is in complete alignment regarding putting multiple services in the cloud. Executives want the cost and disaster avoidance benefits while security, privacy and compliance are typical initial concerns brought up by the managers responsible for implementation."

Network​ World noted that a recent prediction by Gartner forecast that the cloud computing market will continue to grow in 2013, expanding by 18.5 percent to reach $131 billion. Additionally, the research firm expects that cloud spending will total approximately $677 billion over the next three years.

It's never a wise idea to deploy new IT solutions without the expert help needed to ensure success. If businesses migrate without the help of database support services, it's possible that these moves won't reach their full potential. But with the necessary assistance, leaders will be able to turn their cloud-related confidence into real results.

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