Enthusiasm for the cloud is building
Enthusiasm for the cloud is building

For small businesses, it's important to select IT solutions that are not only up to the task of supporting various projects and tasks within the organization, but meet budgetary demands as well. Because smaller firms are often more cost-conscious, this can sometimes place significant limits on their ability to thrive. After all, achieving a competitive edge in today's world relies on implementing the most advanced technologies.

Fortunately, cloud computing solutions have emerged as a potential answer to this dilemma in the past few years. Although business leaders were once quite skeptical of the cloud, it appears that decision-makers are becoming much more confident about these tools and the role they can play in enhancing operations. As long as companies migrate with remote database support, the cloud can be an excellent way to take an enterprise to the next level.

Cloud adoption growing
According to a new survey by TwinStrata, while only 37 percent of respondents said they had been using cloud computing for three or more years, interest in cloud storage was strong. In fact, 84 percent of the firms polled asserted that they are either now using or planning to use cloud storage. When asked to explain their rationale, the desire for scalability and storage expansion was the most common answer.

In a forecast by Gartner, experts stated that public cloud services are on the cusp of significant growth. The source predicts that the market for these solutions will increase by 18.5 percent during 2013 to reach $131 billion globally. Infrastructure-as-a-Service – which includes cloud storage, printing and computing solutions – is estimated to experience the strongest results this year, surging by 42.4 percent to total $6.1 billion.

As small business owners think about deploying the cloud, it's critical that they leverage these technologies with all of the support required to ensure success. While it is crucial to initially select reputable cloud service providers and tools, contracting the help of remote dba experts can similarly give firms an edge over the competition. With all of these resources behind them, cloud users can be confident that their investments will prove worthwhile.

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