Use the cloud for true transformations
Use the cloud for true transformation

While the cloud carries potential advantages for many companies, it isn't a cure-all. Even after an organization implements cloud-based solutions, it's likely more considerations will need to be kept in mind. If decision-makers undertake the migration process by looking at the big picture and leveraging remote dba experts for support at critical junctures, the move to the cloud can be extremely beneficial.

Beyond the obvious
According to Forbes, the advantages of using the cloud can go far beyond simple flexibility if enterprises enter into the migration process with more than a short-sighted idea of how they'll use their new IT solutions. The source asserted that the cloud is most effective when it's used to power real transformations. Integrated properly, the cloud can lead to change, but that means thinking beyond document sharing. These technologies can be utilized to make big data analytics projects easier, enhance marketing efforts and more.

ZDNet pointed out that part of this more comprehensive and strategic approach to the cloud should be ensuring the proper support is present. The more businesses try to do with the cloud, the higher the likelihood they'll need help at times. 

"We find that with customers it is usually the little things that they miss," Craig Allen, executive director at cloud provider Offis, told the source. "It can be things like patching old Linux boxes, having old version[s] of Fusion which are compromisable … something that a developer put on the box three or four years ago and which has a known exploit in it. It's not the cloud provider's job to fix that, though it could compromise the cloud provider's infrastructure."

Fortunately, companies can get remote database support to fulfill maintenance needs and ensure the move to the cloud is truly transformational, not just superficial.

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