Companies should be asking when, not why, for cloud migration
Companies should be asking when, not why, for cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud is becoming easier as businesses learn how to best adopt the new innovations in database management solutions. The Server Side reported that the fast growing culture of cloud computing has made legacy infrastructure technology outdated. Businesses that are still making decisions about cloud services should be instead considering how they'll get there, not if they should.

The myriad cloud offerings
Cloud providers are constantly optimizing their flexible structure offerings. According to Denver Business Journal, cloud offers a scalable storage option that allows businesses to fluidly determine the quantity of data they'll need as they need it, compared to legacy solutions that can be costly to upgrade. Additionally, because cloud is typically outsourced to a third party company, large data stores are better protected from natural disasters that could potentially disrupt continuity. 

The news source reported that with the added support of providers' IT management teams, companies that leverage cloud services need to spend less on in-house tech support and can instead use that part of their budgets to focus on furthering mission goals. 

Cloud security and support  applications
One of the most contested issues surrounding the cloud is the security it provides. According to the source, storing information off-premises can be risky unless the business knows how the data will be protected. In order to ensure that optimal security standards are enforced, companies should consider using remote database solutions.

With these services, an extra layer of cyber protection is provided by the support software, which better protects the data stored on the cloud. In addition to providing businesses with an easier method for accessing and categorizing large stores of data, remote database application providers are also maintained by an IT team dedicated to the preservation of a customer's digital assets. 

Another option businesses can deploy for cloud security is the hybrid cloud. With this strategy, different cloud services are combined in order to create the best options for companies, allowing for on-premises and off-premises data storage. 

Now that cloud is becoming the standard in infrastructure, businesses that have not adopted these solutions should consider making a transition soon in order to capitalize on this innovative strategy.

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