Growth in the cloud is leading to a rise in supportive technologies
Growth in the cloud is leading to rise in supportive technologies

Transitioning to the cloud is becoming easier as more businesses are realizing this solution is more than another inexpensive alternative. What started as an experimental strategy for infrastructure optimization has become a standard in data storage, reported MidsizeInsider. According to the source, the rate of cloud expansion is growing because of a decline in some of the initial hesitations, such as security. 

Fewer concerns about cloud integration
MidsizeInsider reported that there are fewer reasons for businesses to be leery about cloud services. Now that it has begun to replace legacy infrastructures in a more widespread fashion, providers and supportive applications are focusing their efforts on ensuring the security of public cloud options. Because this strategy outsources information to a third-party, decision makers were concerned about losing immediate control over their intellectual property. Legacy storage maintained data on-premises, and cloud seeks to relieve businesses from having to spend capital on maintaining these information stores. 

According to the source, applications are being designed that streamline the migration process for enterprises. As the scope of cloud offerings broadens, companies are being provided with more options for accessing information and simplifying infrastructure maintenance through third-platform technology manufacturers.

One such supportive technology comes from providers of remote database solutions. DBA services assist IT management teams and end-users with the safekeeping of information stored on the cloud. Additionally, this strategy should make analyzing and categorizing data simpler by providing businesses with easy-to-use collaborative tools. 

Now that cloud services are becoming the norm in most larger enterprises, adoption in smaller firms has cemented cloud as an industry standard, reported MidsizeInsider. Furthermore, according to Formtek, businesses are tailoring cloud to be deployed across a multitude of platforms, including applications that operate ecommerce, email and large-scale backup solutions that run on back-office applications. 

Who is moving to the cloud?
MidsizeInsider reported that more small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have begun implementing the cloud because of the cost-effectiveness of its scalable storage offerings. Furthermore, due to an increase in demand for mobile accessibility, business owners are turning to this solution because of its ability to provide remote access across multiple devices, such as smartphones and laptop computers. 

The maturation of cloud is leading to a surge in growth across enterprise business. Companies that have not considered leveraging this strategy should spend some time researching how can improve their bottom line by utilizing cloud services.

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