When competition is fierce, the cloud can help you stand out
When competition is fierce, the cloud can help you stand out

The process of testing and deploying new business ideas can be daunting with legacy storage options, but the cloud's speed and agility makes this much safer and easier to do. With storage scalability, enterprises can adequately prepare for adjustments in their workload by winding up their expected output. At the same time, if a new idea fails, the enterprise can just as easily scale down. Additionally, because of its agility, businesses can perform these tasks rapidly.

Using cloud services to get ahead
InformationWeek reported that this testing strategy is a relatively new concept in cloud deployment, but what it lacks in maturity, it gains in payoff. Constant competition is what keeps businesses fighting to stay ahead of the market, and according to the source, cloud resources make it possible for decision-makers to dramatically increase the speed of new data tech developments. As such, it's important for businesses to also make sure that they're leveraging the appropriate applications to manage these fluctuations. 

One such application comes from remote database administration solutions that provide enterprises with a set of experts who can help categorize and host large stores of information. DBA services implement tools that process data swiftly, allowing business developers to continue focusing on work-related issues, rather than IT management. Additionally, DBA experts can help support companies by providing a flexible model for future service deployments. 

Which cloud model is the best option?
In an effort to maintain an edge in competition, IBM reported that it's important for enterprises to select the best available service for their infrastructures. Cloud-based applications, such as the above example, are evolving rapidly, and in order to maintain an optimum ecosystem, decision-makers should be aware of the different kinds of popular cloud models. Additionally, the source pointed out that as the general public begins to utilize these services, more end-users are being drawn to the cloud. As a result, this new consumerization has become another growth factor that is spurring more change. 

Essentially, as the cloud continues to expand, encompassing more aspects of computing, businesses should be aware of how their infrastructures fit within the new models. Along with seeking out the best vendors in cloud applications, decision-makers leveraging these options should always be asking: Are there new ways that the cloud can be used? 

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