Database monitoring crucial to security

Database monitoring crucial to security

A rising number and expanded variety of cyber attacks have drawn attention to inadequate database monitoring solutions that put sensitive corporate and customer data at risk. Experts are advising that enterprises leverage database administration services for state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities and expertise to support security strategies.

ITWeb reported that data theft is one of the most profitable current-day crimes, and many of these breaches are, in fact, preventable. In an interview with ITWeb, Hedley Hurwitz, managing director of Magix Integration, explained that database administrators can ensure that businesses address security solutions based on the database's specific needs. According to Hurwitz, corporate file servers are at a higher risk than databases, because they contain unstructured information in a variety of forms. He stated that data protection of both unstructured and structured information demands advanced expertise and technologies that emphasize heightened visibility into network processes and activity as well as controls for user authentication. By putting database experts in charge of monitoring, Hurwitz explained, enterprises can maintain optimal database performance and protection. 

"When you know what legitimate access looks like, it will be easier to implement monitoring solutions that identify abnormal activities for further investigation," he said. "Monitoring solutions will also identify legitimate transactions that cross normal boundaries so that they can be verified before they are approved."

Monitoring requires remote expertise
Jeff Multz, Director of North America Midmarket Sales for Dell, made supporting recommendations in an interview with Manufacturing Net. He told the source that enterprises should seek professional assistance to conduct log monitoring around the clock. Many companies may already keep network activity logs, but these are only helpful for database security if they are continuously maintained and tracked. The bigger picture of all aggregated logs gives corporations deeper insight into the security infrastructure to observe abnormalities and vulnerabilities to mitigate threats and make improvements. For example, Multz explained that advanced monitoring solutions might detect multiple connections on various ports of a client's network, which could alarm professionals of a potential breach.

While many enterprises are already utilizing database security and monitoring technologies, most do not have the time or expertise to properly regulate them for optimal performance and security. Database experts who can fully leverage these tools for effective database maintenance ensure that all activity is effectively observed and information is protected.

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