Experts say third-party services critical for database optimization
Experts say third-party services critical for database optimization

The database is the central repository of an enterprise's total assets, and therefore it is imperative that companies deploy the proper solutions and services to support functionality. As managing the data center becomes more complex, experts agree it is important to leverage remote database support for support in ensuring proper bandwidth, optimal connectivity and overall administration so that analytics and other operations can run smoothly.

In an interview with Smart Business, Mike Tighe, executive director of data products for Comcast Business, explained that the data center itself doesn't affect value or generate ROI, but management of critical IT functions does.

"The function of a data center is to ensure availability of IT applications and data," Tighe told the source. "If employees don't have access, they can't be as productive and in some cases, the business can't run."

Tighe further predicted that the concept of leasing as opposed to owning IT infrastructure will only accelerate as businesses increasingly migrate to the cloud, which offers more rapid deployment of applications and enhanced scalability. He noted that more companies will likely outsource IT, such as with dba services, for higher security and uptime.

"When IT becomes an important component of how you run your business, you have to ensure high availability," Tighe stated to Smart Business. "If, for example, you install specialized applications used for resource planning and creation of content, but the server starts going down because of power or network connectivity loss, it impacts your business's ability to run."

Maximizing Oracle benefits
These considerations are particularly important when it comes to maintaining Oracle performance. TechTarget reported that there are many powerful functions that come with Oracle products, such as SQL construction, application development and database optimization, but seeking third-party tools can be even more beneficial. By filling in gaps in these systems with the help of Oracle experts, firms can effectively enhance the native tools to these technologies while customizing the application for unique and specialized advantages. For example, the source pointed out that cross-platform data replication helps to unify information across multiple database platforms, while other solutions offer improved disaster recovery, business continuity and cross-platform data sharing.

With support from third-party services, enterprises can generate greater value from the database by uncovering bottlenecks, debugging issues more quickly and optimizing performance to support new features and capabilities.

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