Secure cloud migration requires expertise, support
Secure cloud migration requires expertise, support

As enterprises rapidly develop initiatives for a cloud transition, experts agree that remote database support is needed for secure, effective deployment of these technologies. While businesses are eager to leverage these technologies to optimize efficiency, a strategic approach is critical.

According to Silicon Angle, JD Sherry, global director of technology solutions at Trend Micro, recently discussed how cloud security concerns remain at the forefront of business' minds at the AWS 2013 Summit. He noted that while many cloud providers have made a concerted effort to offer built-in security capabilities for cloud solutions, there is still a shared responsibility for protecting assets. He warned against a too-rapid migration that fails to take into account new risks that might arise in the transition process.

"We can get caught up in how quickly we can move, especially legacy businesses," he claimed, Silicon Angle reported. 

Sherry explained that strategic cloud deployment demands a cost-benefit analysis. This aids a company in deciding what data to move to the cloud, as well as in determining what preparations and solutions are needed to secure that information. He pointed to a shifting approach to cloud adoption, as more businesses move away from relying on in-house IT to outsourcing for data center support in the cloud.

Taking accountability in migration
Computerworld contributor Steve Pate asserted that small businesses in particular are aggressively pursuing cloud computing to address rapid growth. The scalability that comes with cloud services has become attractive to these firms, which are required to maximize small budgets and spin up servers as needed. Unfortunately, in addition to limited resources small companies often also lack adequate staffing, according to Pate. Without a team of security experts dedicated to data protection, cloud computing can potentially open up new vulnerabilities.

Conversely, Pate noted that larger companies typically invest more heavily in datacenters to support operations along with a well-trained staff to run these technologies. In order to meet new security demands, Pate predicted that enterprises will look to incorporate new security features to fully address data protection and compliance requirements. Still, he expects that cloud breaches will increase unless firms take these matters more seriously. 

Cloud adoption shows no signs of slowing down, but successful migration demands database experts to identify and mitigate security risks while optimizing and customizing the features of these solutions to fit unique objectives.

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