Picking the right application for the cloud-savvy enterprise
Picking the right application for the cloud-savvy enterprise

As business capabilities continue to transform on the cloud, corporations are gaining the ability to redefine how they go about supporting their storage needs. Coupled with increased flexibility, cloud services enable decision-makers to make rapid changes to their operations whenever necessary, rather relegating them to expensive infrastructure upgrades. 

Customizing the cloud is as simple as finding the right application
For example, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables businesses to retain more control over their outsourced data. Unlike traditional cloud solutions that typically require organizations to rely solely on cloud providers for information maintenance, CMSWire reported that SaaS makes it easier for IT managers to customize infrastructures according to the needs of the business. 

For instance, digital applications, such as database administration solutions, connect to a company's outsourced information to provide tech teams with an extra layer of security. In addition to protection, remote DBA software helps businesses categorize big data and provides a ready-to-use structure for new cloud deployments. The source noted that as the cloud matures, more applications are being developed that can be combined in a cloud environment to further customize an organization's digital architecture.

"People are in and out of five, six or seven applications during their workday, and the channel is critical to simplifying this," said Salesforce SVP of ISVs and channels Ron Huddleston in a keynote speech at the Cloud Channel Summit, according to CMSWire.

According to the source, this rapid evolution of personalized cloud solutions is forcing developers to focus on uncovering the needs of the end-user. Rather than flooding the market with the same strategies, applications are being created in a highly competitive and tailored atmosphere. For businesses, this means that IT managers will likely be able to find a fully operational solution that already includes the desired features. 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that employees will have to learn how to use these technologies, too. The Guardian reported that decision-makers should keep training times in mind when they roll out new digital strategies. Although cloud services typically provide information maintenance as part of their features, the more complex the infrastructure becomes, the more time it often takes to get everyone up to speed.

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