Enterprises embracing long-term cloud initiatives

Enterprises embracing long-term cloud initiatives

Cloud computing has brought a host of advantages for businesses that have become impossible to ignore, from decreased capital spending to enhanced collaboration. However, the true benefits of these technologies come with time, and therefore, a more extensive and strategic cloud plan, with remote database support, can potentially offer enterprises a more significant competitive edge in the long run. By applying these initiatives more holistically to all aspects of the organization, firms stand to gain more flexibility and productivity than ever before.

In a report for Forbes, Oracle Software Chief Thomas Kurian asserted that the rewards to cloud computing are different for users in various industries and departments. For example, he noted that professionals in HR, sales or financial sectors might hone in on the fact that the latest app updates are available more rapidly in the cloud while operational complexities are eliminated. Conversely, he explained that business decision-makers and executives are more focused on the functional aspects of cloud services. Kurian stressed that one of the reasons many enterprises have embraced the cloud is the inherent speed of adoption.

"Most people are really surprised at how fast they can go live with a deployment and then how quickly they can add and get new features up on it," he told Forbes.

A strategic journey
Kurian was adamant that cloud migration is not a one-time transformation, it is a continual exploration that can bring new efficiencies as deployment becomes more in-depth and sophisticated.

However, Daniela Gomes, a founder of the Brazilian Telecom Company Tellfree, explained to The Next Women that there have been challenges in her firm's cloud journey.

"When you migrate a service into the cloud and the functionalities keep the same, the process is transparent to the user," Gomes stated to the source. "However, in our case it hasn't been so because we have added new features to our communication services. And, as a result, the challenge was to introduce these new features to users (our employees), teach them how to use and implement the culture of using them – which is the most difficult part, as people in general are resistant to changes, mainly to new technology."

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