IT security an increasingly top challenge and focus for enterprises
IT security an increasingly top challenge and focus for enterprises

With the emergence of IT trends such as cloud computing and mobility, enterprises have realized that previous security efforts are inadequate for mitigating the new risks that come with these technologies. While looking to upgrade the security infrastructure, firms are may need remote database support to ensure improvements in data protection.

The information security job market continues to expand. In fact, Help net Security revealed that according to a report by Burning Glass Technologies, over the past five years demand for cybersecurity professionals grew 3.5 times faster than that for other IT jobs. These needs will continue to grow as enterprises deploy new solutions that create vulnerabilities not previously dealt with. Help Net Security revealed that  ISACA International Vice President Allan Boardman believes the skill​ set for these jobs has also been evolving.

"Security professionals need to be knowledgeable about the main threats and issues related to key current technology trends, such as cloud services, social media, and consumerization of IT, including BYOD," Boardman told the source. "They also need to be well-versed in data privacy and data protection, particularly if they are in financial services or healthcare. It is highly desirable to have strong technical skills, including security architecture and forensics skills."

Additionally, Eric Presley of CareerBuilder explained to Help Net Security that while information security analysts are among the most sought-after professionals, there is a rising need for network architects and engineers that can manage security protocols, particularly in the realm of healthcare.

Filling the gap
In an interview with BankInfoSecurity, Boardman asserted that there is a considerable shortage of IT security skills. He pointed out that cybersecurity is a top priority for organizations in all industries, but the required knowledge has become more specific.

"Some of the gaps I would see specifically are around providing specific security guidance to organizations to address the issues in the current topical areas like big data, cloud security and mobile computing," Boardman explained to BankInfoSecurity. "Those are all topics where people need more detailed specific guidance and tools to be able to help them through that."

It can be difficult to find professionals that have the technical and architecture skills, such as database experts and security specialists. By seeking third-party support, enterprises can leverage the required knowledge for safeguarding sensitive information.

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