Storage capabilities optimized by cloud services, Oracle
Storage capabilities optimized by cloud services

The domain of cloud computing is expanding as more businesses opt to leverage its solutions to optimize big data infrastructure. Despite debates about the effectiveness of different cloud services, such as the benefits of the private cloud versus its public counterpart, companies that are seeking flexible storage capabilities have more options on the cloud than with legacy infrastructure technologies.

Hybrid solutions
According to ZDNet, Earth Systems, an environmental consulting firm that has a distributed workforce across five continents, has adopted the cloud in a way that optimizes their need for file sharing, local access storage and a scalable price range for cloud service. The file sharing feature that the business purchased allows for its employees to distribute information across the broad workspace without applying pressure to any one network. 

With this solution, a third-party hybrid cloud service hosts the information that Earth Systems produces and effectively provides remote access to it. Additionally, the service provides storage to the employees based on a scalable payment system. Two terabytes in storage and a maximum file size of five gigabytes is divided between 25-100 employees, at a rate of $15 per employee.

For this company, that may be all the information required to conduct its research, but because of the flexibility of cloud services, they may always purchase more. By electing the additional use of remote database support, Earth Systems could further secure its data and optimize its utilization of cloud services. 

SaaS and the Oracle solution
According to InfoWorld, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings have seen a recent rise in use because of the solution's connection to Oracle. This service provides much of the same advantages of other cloud services, but its focus on security and direct user control make it an ideal option for businesses that are leery of losing their immediate, on-premises connection to data. 

The news source reported that one of the biggest additions to the service is the ability for clients to retain "full administrative control." Essentially, this will give businesses and consumers the ability to house data on a remote server but maintain complete governance over the information, which is something that company leaders are unwilling to part with. 

Whether it's an SaaS solution or a combination of cloud strategies, firms should take comfort in knowing that they have a wide range of options available to them.

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