Oracle poised for growth from cloud developments
Oracle poised for growth from cloud developments

According to a recent forecast, Oracle is expected to demonstrate strong gains in earnings and sales, mainly due to recent acquisitions in the cloud computing market. Results from Oracle's third fiscal quarter demonstrated that shares are up more than 8.5 percent since the last earnings report, and up nearly 20 percent for the last 12 months. Now, more than ever, remote database support will be crucial, as Oracle experts can offer assistance in ensuring optimal performance.

Oracle projected in its last report that license and cloud growth was expected to come in the range of 3 to 13 percent for the February quarter. The company also projected that its hardware business would be flat to down 10 percent for the quarter due to rapid virtualization and cloud migration.

One of the developments that will impact Oracle growth is the recent acquisition of the cloud operating system company Nimbula, which the company expects will complement its offerings for managing infrastructure resources and workloads in private and hybrid cloud environments. Jeremy DeSpain, the COO of Explore Consulting, told the news source that these developments will have a significant impact on the future of Oracle deployments.

"Oracle is a longtime player in the software space, and I think they are selling their commitment to cloud more than ever by investing in a lot of these SaaS and cloud-based software companies," he explained. "Our phones are ringing off the hook from folks saying, 'can you please manage my data for me?'"

Ongoing evolution for Oracle
Seeking Alpha reported that Oracle has spent $38 billion on acquisitions since 2005, and this active program contributes to the company's overall strategy for advancement. The most recent evolution in these initiatives, according to the source, is the introduction of Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM), which was designed to socially empower the enterprise. SRM is the first end-to-end social management technology that unifies social marketing and social monitoring and engagement for a completely integrated business solution, which will allow firms to rethink social strategies for growth.

Tony Safoian, president of SADA systems, commented on these developments' implications regarding cloud computing.

"The cloud sector is super-hot right now," he said, according to Unified Communications Strategies. "So people are making a lot of acquisitions aimed at solidifying their position as key players."

Embracing the newest and most innovative offerings from Oracle can enable enterprises to maintain efficient operations and fuel a competitive advantage.

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