Utilizing cloud services and Oracle to simplify big data
Utilizing cloud services and Oracle to simplify big data

The swift evolution of infrastructure solutions has made cloud computing one of the most widely adopted business strategies available on the market. According to Wired, these innovations have led to additional changes in the corporate atmosphere. In the past, infrastructures were typically physically relevant, in that it was easy to imagine an office layout with rows of computers and cubicles, walls and windows. Now, however, companies are able to customize their offerings according to the needs of the business, and the source noted that this does not always include the legacy model.

Will the shifting landscape of infrastructure maintenance affect office culture?
Despite advances in office infrastructure solutions, such as providing a multitude of possible configurations, adopting such a dramatic change in office culture is a slow process for some enterprises. According to the source, the cloud has made it possible for employees to conduct a vast majority – or in some cases, all – of their business from home, making telecommuting a viable strategy. Additionally, a virtual workplace allows businesses to increase savings. Cisco, for example, was able to save $277 million each year with its telecommuting solution.

The source of these advancements are largely due to the remote accessibility of the cloud. Because of its flexibility and scalable storage, businesses are already saving on the costs of infrastructure and IT management. The added ability to access data from any device and from any server allows firms to deploy new options relative to these services, such as remote database administration and network analysis.

Oracle as an infrastructure
ZDNet reported that Oracle has recently launched a new database-as-a-service (DBaaS) model that emphasizes these remote access solutions. As database services are typically unique to the provider, Oracle's new strategies let businesses to opt-in to a cloud provider and a method managing big data in one move, rather than having to unite two disparate third-party sources. Additionally, this option enables decision makers to rely on Oracle experts for their upgrades and IT maintenance, allowing them to consider cutting costs by lowering the payroll set aside for tech teams. 

As part of its services, Oracle allows businesses to simplify their infrastructures and augment their data storage.

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