With remote support, enterprises can ensure a secure cloud
With remote support, enterprises can ensure a secure cloud

While the benefits of cloud computing are too considerable to ignore, security remains a top challenge for enterprises that are considering migration. By utilizing dba services, however, these firms can effectively move critical applications and data to the cloud while minimizing any risks.

A recent SilverSky study revealed that 97 percent of businesses expressed the same or more confidence in cloud security than a year ago, but privacy concerns are still hindering widespread adoption. On average, respondents have moved one-quarter of business functions and services to the cloud, and many respondents plan to migrate additional applications in the next 12 months. The most popular functions for cloud migration included ecommerce (41 percent), email (39 percent) and storage (30 percent). However, 74 percent of respondents cited worries around privacy and security, and for some firms, these worries outweigh expected benefits. Andrew Jaquith, CTO of SilverSky, commented on the findings. 

"Moving to the cloud should be career-defining, not career-limiting," he said. "When CIOs and security decision-makers move their critical workloads to the cloud, they seek providers that cut their costs, simplify their architectures and protect their data … The data in the Silver Lining Report show us why transparency, clarity and assurance are so essential."

Strategy and support
Coping with these concerns demands a strategic approach to cloud migration that assesses any and all risks. According to Silicon Angle, Jon-Michael Brook, senior principal cloud security architect at Syman
tec, asserted that weighing these factors as well as compliance requirements against a provider's capabilities is critical.

"The first step is to know your business requirements, the type of cloud service you'll be using and your risk tolerance levels. Every organization's security needs and expectations are different, so it's important to understand how the cloud service provider can meet those needs," he explained, according to the source.

One way in which businesses are dealing with security complications in the cloud is with managed services. An Infonetics research report found that the global cloud managed security service market grew by 12 percent in 2012, totaling $13 billion. The firm forecasts sales of these services to grow another 69 percent over the next five years.

As enterprises look to gain a competitive advantage from cloud computing, security considerations are essential. By seeking remote dba support in dealing with the complex cloud environment, businesses can ensure maximum uptime and data protection.

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