From our 20 years in business, to our leadership, to our heavy involvement in industry events, find out what makes RDX the leaders of remote database administration.

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Company Profile  

Learn about RDX's services and how it became a pioneer in remote database administration services.

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Why RDX  

From its service approach to its focus on security, learn why RDX is best able to handle your database administration and monitoring needs.

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RDX's management staff is comprised of the best in the industry. Learn about their previous experience and how they grew to become the great leaders they are today.

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Are you interested in joining the RDX team? Learn what job opportunities are available and why RDX is a great place to work.

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News and Events  

Learn about the latest RDX developments and events our remote DBA experts are attending here.

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Press Releases  

Learn about new database-related services, our charity work, and other company news.

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Office Location  

Find out where RDX's Corporate Headquarters is located.

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An RDX employee is always just a phone call or E-Mail away.