When sensitive data is breached for any reason, it can threaten the survivability of the organization. Database administrators are the protectors of their organization’s core data assets. They are tasked with ensuring that key data stores are safeguarded against any type of unauthorized data access. RDX understands that our customers have “turned over the keys” to their sensitive data stores to our organization. Therefore, our highest priority is to safeguard sensitive customer information. We also aim to provide unmatched database security support in the industry. To learn more about the security services offered by RDX, please visit our Database Security Services page.

  • tIndustry-leading Password Vault

    Industry-leading Password Vault

    Secret Server allows RDX’s security personnel to control access to critical accounts and passwords in one centralized and encrypted repository. The software provides granted users with a secure access mechanism to passwords and other privileged information. RDX utilizes Secret Server’s hidden password function to “hide” passwords from support personnel. If implemented, passwords are only known by the customer and RDX’s Security officer. Support personnel are unable to copy and paste passwords and are only able to use embedded launchers to connect to customer systems. RDX’s implementation of Secret Server as an enterprise password management solution combined with our internal processes and procedures act in combination to help our customers achieve regulatory compliance.

  • Intrusion Detection Systems

    Intrusion Prevention and Intrustion Detection Systems (IPS/IDS)

    RDX’s network infrastructure has been architected to safeguard against external intrusions. IPS and IDS systems constantly monitor network and system activities for malicious activities or policy violations. Incoming connections are evaluated by our IPS software. Our IDS product produces reports to a centralized management station, so that RDX can take immediate action to keep our customers’ environments secure.

  • Centralized Security Log Aggregators

    Centralized Security Log Aggregators

    RDX utilizes log aggregation software to collect log data from all key servers and critical network components such as firewalls. The logs are sent to a centralized log repository for analysis and storage. Automated alerting mechanisms are configured to analyze the data and send alerts when necessary.

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Tests

    Vulnerability and Penetration Tests

    The fluid nature of external and internal attacks requires RDX to continuously analyze, review, and enhance its security infrastructure blueprint. As a result, protecting against unauthorized data access must be an ongoing process. To help this process, RDX performs the quarterly vulnerability assessments and enlists the services of a PCI certified third-party security vendor to perform yearly network penetration tests.

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