To learn more about RDX’s remote database administration services, watch these short videos and presentations below.

Stay tuned for more videos about RDX services coming soon.

RDX Corporate Video

Learn about RDX's corporate culture and what makes us the leading remote data infrastructure services provider.

RDX Insights Webinar- Microsoft BI Overview & Power BI Demo

Learn the benefits of Microsoft's BI product suite and see how Power BI works with a demo from RDX BI Product Team Manager, Jeremy Frye.

RDX Insights Webinar: Who Will Win the Database Wars?

This RDX Insights presentation analyzes the most significant areas of database vendor competition. Competitive evaluations include public vs private cloud, the three leading public cloud offerings, NoSQL vs...

RDX Insights Webinar: Cloud's Hidden Impact on IT Support Organizations

In this RDX Insights webinar, we explain how cloud environments differ from on-premises systems, the key challenges associated with switching to a cloud database management solution, and best practices for m...

RDX Customer Testimonial- American Eagle Outfitters

Learn how RDX has helped American Eagle Outfitters keep their database environments secure, optimized, and high performance.

RDX Customer Testimonial- Foundation Radiology

Learn how RDX has helped Foundation Radiology optimize database operations.

An Inside Look at RDX from CEO Buddy Flerl

Learn what makes RDX the leading provider of remote database administration directly from the CEO.

RDX Insights Webinar: Evaluating & Selecting a Cloud DBMS Architecture

See how IaaS compares to DBPaaS and learn which architecture and cloud DBMS offering is best for your business needs.

Five Signs You Need RDX Remote DBA Support

Are you a DBA or DBA manager in distress? These five signs will tell you it's time to call RDX to help you with your DBA support.

NoSQL Architecture Overview

Learn the benefits of NoSQL architectures and how to effectively evaluate the most popular NoSQL offerings on the market.

DBA Abuse

Learn about a cause near and dear to our hearts, DBA Abuse, and how we can help your DBA team gain the free time they deserve!

An RDX Services Overview

Take a look inside RDX's state-of-the-art operations center and get an overview of RDX's core service offerings.

How RDX Works

Learn how RDX's remote DBA services can save your company time and money.

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