Additional RDX Services

By Chris Foot


In order to succeed in today’s data-driven economy, organizations need to have database environments that are highly available, optimized, and secure. Without high-functioning database environments, organizations are not able to fully unlock the power of their raw data. As a technology partner, RDX wants to make sure that all clients are fully able to utilize the power their raw data provides and gain the knowledge they need to drive their businesses forward. In addition to 24x7, 100% onshore remote DBA support, RDX offers a plethora of additional data infrastructure services in order to improve its clients’ abilities to fully leverage their data’s capabilities.

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Services
  • Database Security Services
  • Oracle Apps Functional Support
  • Windows and UNIX/LINUX Support
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Support
  • Application Hosting Services
  • GoldenGate Replication Services
  • Non-Database Server Monitoring
  • DB2 and IMS Support

Business Intelligence Services

RDX provides its customers a full set of administrative services that supports the entire Microsoft Business Intelligence Life Cycle. Microsoft’s BI product suite comes with Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS) that help turn raw data into meaningful information by minimizing the manual and repetitive work needed to gather, analyze, and report on key business information. RDX works with each BI customer to custom tailor a support solution and ensures that each is fully benefitting from their BI support solutions. By utilizing RDX’s BI support offering, clients can quickly identify and respond to business trends and emerging challenges, expand their knowledge about customer behavior, and gain actionable insight into performance metrics. With this additional insight, customers can better utilize their raw data and make more informed business decisions.

Database Security Services

RDX has partnered with McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company, to offer world-class, 24x7 database security and database activity monitoring services to customers. Database activity monitoring allows organizations to gain visibility into all database activity, including local privileged access and sophisticated attacks from within the database itself. RDX will work with each customer to create a customized database activity monitoring solution to meet their unique support requirements. Additionally, RDX will provide vulnerability assessments comprised of over 4,000 checks that are designed to detect threats across all database platforms. With RDX’s database security services, organizations receive a security and activity monitoring solution that provides real-time, reliable protection for their business-critical databases without having to spend the funds required to create and maintain a 24x7 security monitoring support architecture.

Oracle EBS Functional Support

RDX’s Oracle EBS experts manage 100s of environments daily and have extensive EBS infrastructure, functional, and development experience. While paying strict adherence to technical, functional, and industry best practices, RDX’s experts will assist each customer in tailoring EBS to meet their processing requirements and will implement best practices in order that customers get the most out of their EBS product investments. RDX’s EBS Team routinely performs conversions, migrations, upgrades, family packs, and patches along with custom PL/SQL interfaces, forms, and reports development. With RDX’s Oracle EBS Functional Support, customers will not have to worry about their projects being completed late and over budget.

Windows OS & UNIX/LINUX Support

RDX has extensive experience providing remote Operating System support for Windows and all major variants of UNIX/LINUX. RDX assumes ownership of the security, performance, availability, and improvement of customers’ OS environments. Additionally, RDX’s customers are able to leverage the same RDX remote DBA support architecture to reduce their OS support costs and optimize operations within their OS environments. From initial design, to maintenance, tuning and monitoring, RDX will customize an OS support solution to meet each customer’s needs

MongoDB NoSQL Database Support

RDX offers a robust set of MongoDB support services. For customers that are new to MongoDB, our experts will guide you through each step of the application design and implementation process. From MongoDB's schemaless data architecture to Sharding and ReplicaSets, RDX will act as your trusted mentor and advisor. RDX is able to convert data from existing data stores to MongoDB or help your team design and deploy entirely new applications. After implementation, a robust, PCI DSS monitoring and support architecture guarantees that our experts are there when you need them, your systems are secure, and your databases are benefitting from leading-edge support technologies.

MySQL & PostgreSQL Support

From day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, RDX’s MySQL and PostgreSQL support solutions arm customers with the skill-sets and best practices required to maximize the efficiency of their critical MySQL and PostgreSQL environments. Although MySQL and PostgreSQL are two of RDX’s newest service offerings, customers receive the same quality of support and a dedicated team of DBAs with a vast knowledge of advanced database features. All of RDX’s MySQL and PostgreSQL customers are able to leverage the knowledge and expertise of an entire team of DBAs dedicated to keeping their environments running efficiently and highly available 24x7.

Application Hosting Services

RDX has partnered with nationally-recognized hosting provider Expedient Communications to offer a 100% hosted solution to all clients. With this partnership, RDX clients are able to eliminate up-front capital expenditures and significantly reduce ongoing operational expenses. Additionally, customers are able to take advantage of a full set of application migration services that includes cost evaluation, needs analysis, application migration analysis, test plan development, testing, and production implementation planning and execution. With RDX’s Application Hosting Services, customers can focus on their businesses instead of datacenter support.

GoldenGate Replication Services

RDX provides a full suite of GoldenGate replication services that allows customers to fully leverage one of the industry’s leading replication architectures. GoldenGate is a software application that provides continuous capture and delivery of data from heterogeneous sources to targets with end-to-end low latency. Additionally, GoldenGate has intelligent conflict detection and resolution for active-active and multi-master implementations. Although it was purchased by the Oracle Corporation, GoldenGate does not require an Oracle database as the data store. With GoldenGate replication support from RDX, customers can ensure that their mission-critical systems are optimized and highly available.

Non-Database Server Monitoring

All RDX customers can request to have RDX monitor non-DB servers, including third-party application servers and network services. Customers can also opt to have Monitoring Only or Monitoring Plus 24x7 Help Desk support for all servers in their enterprise and can leverage the same architecture, customized notification, and problem resolution processes that are utilized for all database server monitoring customers. With non-DB server monitoring from RDX, all customers can tailor a monitoring package that fits their various and unique support requirements.

DB2 and IMS Support

In addition to LUW support for non-mainframe databases, RDX provides IMS mainframe support in order to accommodate all types of DB2 remote DBA support for customers. With IMS support, customers can take advantage of all of RDX’s service offering benefits including customizable support packages, 24x7 support, and Subject Matter Experts. RDX has provided IMS support for 20 years, and RDX’s DB2 database experts have extensive experience in advanced DB2 features including all high availability options, data warehousing, partitioning, parallelism, and advanced security and will ensure that customers’ DB2 database environments are high-performance and highly available.


RDX has helped hundreds of customers reduce costs and optimize operations within their database environments. As organizations continue to become more dependent on their data in order to make educated business decisions, RDX wants to ensure that all customers are taking advantage of additional services that can help them best utilize their data. From Business Intelligence, monitoring, and database security to additional database platform support, RDX has a variety of additional data infrastructure services to help all customers gain the knowledge they need to drive their businesses forward and maintain competitive advantage. For more information about the RDX services that can help you best meet your business needs, please visit, or dial 1-855-RDX-DBAS to speak with an account executive today.

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