RDX uses a state-of-the-art monitoring product as the foundation of our monitoring architecture. This product's wide offering of monitoring agents allows our experts to monitor every component of the application architecture including databases, middle tier servers and other hardware devices. From monitoring a database buffer cache hit ratio to a third-party application error log, our support team is able to quickly deploy a customized monitoring solution that meets each customer’s monitoring requirements.


Benefits of Database and OS Monitoring:

  • Advanced Monitoring Architecture
    RDX's monitoring architecture is powered by Dell Big Brother, an industry-leading, enterprise class monitoring software product.

  • Customized Monitoring Process
    Our 5-step process is designed to ensure that we develop an effective monitoring strategy to meet each client’s individual needs.

  • 24x7 Database Operations Center
    Staffed 24x7 with DBAs who focus on monitoring, problem prevention, and quick problem resolution.

  • Predictive Analytics
    RDX’s forecasting engine uses historical data to help predict and catch problems before they happen.


For More Information

For more information about RDX’s monitoring capabilities, please call 1-855-RDX-DBAs or fill out our form to schedule a meeting. An account executive will quickly be in touch with you to discuss your environments and support requirements.

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