RDX has 20 years of experience providing 24x7 monitoring to 400 satisfied customers. RDX’s monitoring architecture has been purposely designed with our customers’ needs in mind. Our software has an ultra-light footprint on your servers, monitors and trends any component that returns a dynamic value and secures transmissions. A full-featured customer portal allows you to “see what we see.”

Our Database Operations Center (DOC) professionals differ from traditional monitoring technicians that record information and pass the problem off to more senior personnel. RDX’s DOC is staffed around-the-clock with dedicated professionals who are trained in database and OS administration, monitoring, problem prevention, and quick problem resolution.


RDX's Goal- Proactive Problem Prevention:

  • Custom Tailored Monitoring Solutions
    RDX’s monitoring integration specialists work with you to create a comprehensive, customized solution that meets your organization’s needs.

  • Monitor and Trend Every Component of Your Enterprise
    From detailed database and OS statistics to application run times and return codes, RDX can monitor and trend any process that returns a dynamic value.

  • 24x7 Database Operations Center
    RDX's DOC team’s primary goal is to ensure your monitored components are available at all times and performing as expected.

  • Reducing Resolution Times Using IT Automation
    RDX leverages robotic IT processes that automatically collect key diagnostic information to reduce analysis time and improve mean-time-to-resolution.

  • Lightweight, Secure, Outbound-Only Monitoring Agents
    RDX’s lightweight agents send encrypted monitoring data through outbound-only ports, protecting your transmissions against unauthorized access.

  • Customer Portals - You See What We See
    RDX provides full access to our monitoring portal allowing you to review all diagnostic data and generate on-demand historical trending reports.


For More Information

For more information about RDX’s monitoring capabilities, please call 1-855-RDX-DBAs or fill out our form to schedule a meeting. An account executive will quickly be in touch with you to discuss your environments and support requirements.

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