OS Services

RDX’s Operating System services are architected to ensure customers’ server environments are cost-effective, highly available and exceed performance expectations. From initial system design to maintenance, tuning and monitoring, RDX provides a full suite of operating system solutions. Whether you are looking for supplemental support to free your internal staff for strategic projects, full outsourcing to reduce support costs or expert assistance with upgrades and migrations, RDX will tailor a service package that meets your specific needs.

  • Advanced Monitoring Architecture
    Advanced Monitoring Architecture
    Robust monitoring architecture ensures OS availability and performance
  • Windows and UNIX/LINUX Support
    Our flexible offering allows customers to take advantage of full or supplemental support packages.
  • Subject Matter Experts
    Our OS support experts are able to design, install and administer all advanced operating system features.
  • Customized Service Level Agreements
    RDX will tailor a service package to fit your needs.
Advanced Monitoring Architecture

RDX has refined and enhanced their technical support architecture to improve our ability to monitor and support a myriad of UNIX/LINUX and Microsoft hardware and software combinations. Customers are able to leverage this support architecture to reduce the costs of support while improving support quality. Our 24x7, 100% Onshore Operations Center ensures that your environments are high performance and available when you need them. Internal personnel, onsite consultants, and local consulting companies aren’t able to offer an entire infrastructure dedicated to providing high quality operating system support like RDX can.

Windows and UNIX/LINUX OS Support

RDX provides support for Windows OS Servers and all major UNIX/LINUX operating systems including IBM AIX, HP-UX, SUN, and most major LINUX offerings. Our flexible offering allows customers to take advantage of full or supplemental support packages. RDX’s operating system service delivery engine is designed to help customers create server environments that are cost-effective, highly available, high performing, and tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

Subject Matter Experts

Our O/S Subject Matter Experts allow RDX to offer a wide range of O/S Services Including:

  • Operating System Administration
  • Space Management
  • Full Set of Disaster Recovery Services from Analysis to Testing
  • Security Administration
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Migrations
  • Tuning and Performance
  • Backup and Recovery


To learn more about RDX's OS team, please review our Unix/Linux DBA Team Resume

Customized Service Level Agreements

Our fully customizable SLAs allow customers to only pay for the services they need when they need them. In addition, our SLAs are fully backed by fast response times and a high quality service guarantee. As we are often asked to assist new customers on problematic issues within their environments, our technicians have a wealth of experience in all of the operating system configurations and hardware combinations. RDX wants its customers to be able to fully trust us with their business needs, and our customizable SLAs help us fulfill that goal.