RDX provides its customers a full set of administrative services that supports the entire Microsoft Business Intelligence Life Cycle. Our Business Intelligence subject matter experts are able to quickly analyze and improve existing architectures as well as partner with customers to design, build, and implement new custom-tailored architectures that meet each customer’s unique needs.

By utilizing RDX’s BI support offering, clients can gain a clearer view of their entire organizations’ business processes and improve both the speed and quality of business decisions. As a result, RDX’s BI clients see increased sales, reduced costs, better customer retention, and strengthened relationships with suppliers and vendors.


Benefits of Business Intelligence:

  • Advanced Monitoring Architecture
    Our Quest Big Brother software can be tailored to support your BI environments.

  • Robust BI Support Offering
    RDX offers a wide range of Business Intelligence services.

  • Subject Matter Experts
    Our Business Intelligence Experts are experienced in all areas of Business Intelligence.

  • Increase Your Sales and Reduce Costs
    Our Business Intelligence offering can help increase the efficiency of your business.


For More Information

RDX ‘s BI experts can provide your organization with a Business Intelligence solution to meet its unique needs. Call us at 1-855-RDX-DBAs or fill out this form to learn more about our BI support offerings.

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