RDX specializes in delivering a complete set of database administration services. By choosing RDX, customers can rest assured that their environments will be monitored and administered 24x7 by 100% onshore leading database experts. Life is too short to be on-call 24x7. It's time to stop worrying about your databases, and start focusing on what matters. With RDX, getting exceptional, affordable DBA support doesn't have to be a sacrifice.


Benefits of Remote DBA Services:

  • Reduced DBA and Maintenance Costs

  • Dedicated, DBA Experts at Your Service

  • 24x7, 100% Onshore Monitoring & Support

  • Better Utilization of Internal Resources

  • Access to Expertise Not Available In-House

  • SLA-Mandated Response Times

  • Flexible, Scalable Contracts

  • Robust, Secure Delivery Architecture


Common DBA Challenges Solved by RDX:

  • Finding, Training and Retaining Qualified DBA Resources

  • Sustaining 24x7 Operations with Limited Resources

  • Supporting and Staffing a Multi-Platform Environment

  • Finding Affordable Solutions for Part-Time DBA Needs

  • Freeing Skilled Internal Resources for More Strategic Work

  • Managing Growth and Complexity of Environment


For More Information

If you think RDX’s Remote Database Administration Services are a good fit for your company, please reach out to our team to discuss your needs. You can call 1-855-RDX-DBAs or schedule a meeting to discuss the right SLA for your database administration needs.

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All Customers Receive
timely service 24x7 Support from DBA Experts
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