When a mission-critical application becomes unavailable or performs poorly, it can threaten the survivability of the organization. The financial impact of downtime is not the only issue that faces companies that have critical application failures. Loss of customer goodwill, bad press, idle employees, and legal penalties must also be considered. RDX understands that optimal availability results from strategic planning, proper implementation of high availability options, and ongoing administration and monitoring efforts that focus on critical availability elements. By making sure these key factors are put into place, RDX can help each client’s environments stay highly available.


Benefits of High Availability:

  • Monitoring Highly Available Solutions
    RDX's monitoring offering has been architected to poll and analyze critical availability and performance metrics.

  • 24x7 Database Operations Center
    Our DOC team works 24x7 in order to help identify problems before they happen.

  • Failover and Disaster Recovery Experts
    Our subject matter experts focus on the implementation and support of all highly available database architectures.

  • RDX: Your Always Available Technology Partner
    RDX will stay current on the industry's best practices and procedures to keep your environments healthy 24x7.


For More Information

Your mission critical applications require databases with high availability. Our database experts can help your organization implement high availability options within your database environments. Use our contact form or call our Sales Team at 1-855-RDX-DBAs to learn more.

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