Many of today's educational institutions are embracing digital technology to transform and enhance learning, not to mention to remain viable in an increasingly connected world. As campuses become more digital, so does the imperative for students and faculty to quickly and securely access online classrooms, course materials and services around the clock. Educational institutions must also adhere to a myriad of state and federal government’s regulatory and reporting requirements that range from intellectual privacy to HIPAA. and educational applications are often required to support tens of thousands of online users. Applications supporting enrollment must be 100% available and high performance throughout the entire critical enrollment time period.

RDX is keenly aware of the unique challenges our clients in the educational sector face. Competition is fierce, and clients must balance cost containment with the implementation and support of technologies designed to improve the student experience and reduce internal overhead. We offer 24x7, 100% US-based database monitoring and remote DBA support across all major platforms including Oracle, Oracle Apps, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL and DB2.

RDX’s Customer Integration Team works with clients to ensure that we adhere to their unique set of compliance requirements. RDX completes the integration process by tailoring its support processes to meet each agency’s unique support needs. RDX’s services are designed to reduce costs while improving the security availability and performance of key databases and operating system.


24x7, 100% US-based Support for all Clients

RDX understands how important high availability and database security are to higher education institutions. We offer 24x7, 100% US-based, secure monitoring and administration services across all major platforms including Oracle, Oracle Apps, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, and Windows and UNIX/LINUX operating systems. Several members of our service delivery management team have extensive experience working with database environments in the education industry and understand the security, performance, and availability requirements of these institutions.


Services for Higher Education Clients

RDX provides a wide range of services to our higher education clients including:

  • High Availability
  • Monitoring
  • Change Control
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Advanced Security Features

Successes and Benefits

RDX has helped our higher education clients quickly resolve mission-critical problems during peak activity hours, stabilize problematic database environments, and implement customized monitoring processes to ensure critical application uptimes and performance. RDX encourages our clients to meet with our staff regularly to ensure that we are meeting each higher education client’s individual needs.

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