RDX dedicates an entire team of specialists to Oracle’s highly available product offering. RDX’s RAC support team has implemented, upgraded, and improved the quality of dozens of RAC environments. This wealth of experience allows the RAC team to design and support clustered environments that surpass your performance and availability expectations.

RAC’s features allow it to command a premium price in the market, RDX’s RAC experts allow you to fully leverage the benefits that the product has to offer at a cost that is less than an on-site consultant or full-time employee.

  • 20 Years Providing 24x7 Onshore Support
    You can rest easy knowing your critical systems are supported by the most experienced provider of 24x7 onshore RAC services.

  • Flexible Services Customized to Your Needs
    Our Integration Team tailors a SLA backed monitoring and services package that meets your unique requirements.

  • Robust Monitoring Architecture Tailored to RAC
    RDX's product sets enhance GRID and Cloud Control to ensure your systems are high performance and highly available.

  • Dedicated, Full-time Oracle RAC Experts
    Leverage the collective experience and knowledge of our entire Oracle RAC team for a low monthly fee.

  • PCI Security and SSAE16 Certified Best Practices
    RDX delivers SSAE16 certified services that are protected by a PCI DSS compliant security architecture.

  • The Largest Onshore DBA Services Provider
    20 years of commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed us to become the largest onshore provider of remote DBA services.


For More Information

Learn more about our Oracle RAC experience by scheduling an appointment or calling 1-855-RDX-DBAS. Our team can help you learn how our onshore Oracle RAC experts can insure your Oracle investment provides the maximum benefits to your company or organization.

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