RDX leverages historical data to predict when key resources will become over-utilized. Mathematical algorithms are required to filter the raw data points to allow a clearer picture of future behavior. RDX coined the term “Predictive Algorithm Engine” to name this new product architecture. Led by a Carnegie Mellon Mathematician, RDX’s Predictive Analytics team leverages historical data to forecast utilization of key computing resources.

RDX uses predictive analytics to help prevent problems within our clients' database environments and ensure maximum availability.

  • Predictive Analytics Solutions
    Predictive analytics uses historical measurements to predict future trends, probabilities, and behavior patterns.

  • Forecasting Benefits
    RDX’s monitoring architecture collects and stores key resource utilization indicators daily in a historical database repository.

  • Analyzing the Past to Predict the Future
    By analyzing past occurrences within our customers’ environments, our DBAs can take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

  • Custom Metric Design
    RDX is able to work with customers to create a custom projection that shows anticipated growth and possible usage patterns that may affect them in the future.


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