NoSQL database architectures are capturing an increasing amount of attention from the IT community. Organizations are now considering NoSQL architectures to be standard infrastructure choices for new database application implementations. 

NoSQL advantages to your business include reduced TCO, scalability and availability without increased system complexity and cost, the capability to easily store un, semi and unstructured data and improving application time-to-market.

Reduce Database Total Cost of Ownership
Database licensing commands a premium price in the marketplace.  The rapid growth of NoSQL offerings are providing makers organizations with cost-effective alternatives to legacy systems. When calculating TCO and return on their database investment, savvy decision makers are now considering NoSQL architectures as alternatives to more traditional database data stores.

·         Database Licensing
Many NoSQL databases offer free community versions.  Commercial NoSQL vendors provide server based licensing.  Legacy vendors often charge by the core processor and, in general, have higher licensing costs.

·         Database Maintenance and Support
NoSQL databases range from open source to vendor supported.  NoSQL vendor support contracts are less costly than their legacy counterparts.

·         Server/Storage Costs
NoSQL databases leverage low cost commodity hardware to provide cost-effective horizontal scalability.

·         Server/Storage Maintenance and Support
NoSQL’s ability to use off the shelf servers and storage devices reduces maintenance and support costs.

·         Development Costs
NoSQL storage technologies like JSON, increase coding agility and velocity which results in faster application time-to-market.

·         Ongoing Administration Costs
Significantly less time is required to administer NoSQL databases than their legacy competitors.


High Performance and High Availability with Less Complexity and Cost
NoSQL architectures allow you to increase performance by scaling the system horizontally as well as vertically.  Organizations are able to leverage low cost, commodity hardware to add computing power to their NoSQL applications. 


Leveraging NoSQL to Uncover the Hidden Value of Unused, Unstructured Data

Not all data fits neatly into relational database rows and columns.  Movies, images, audio, free form text, sensor data, health records, medical images, analog data, documents, satellite, geospatial, and the list goes on….RDX’s goal is to assist our customers to store, process and intelligently analyze all types of data to enable your users to make better business decisions.   Our strategy is to uncover the hidden value of unstructured data, harnessing its benefits and allowing it to work in concert with structured data as part of a larger enterprise-wide data initiative. 

Speed Application Time-to-Market Using NoSQL’s Agile Development Features
Many NoSQL offerings provide dynamic, JSON document schemas which can evolve with the application.  This allows iterative schema changes to be quickly made during the application development life-cycle.   Modifications to the structure can take place immediately without coordinating the changes with multiple teams.


RDX’s NoSQL Support Services
Choosing the correct database architecture is critical to the success of any database driven application.  This decision was simple when the number of alternatives available was limited. With the seemingly endless array of database architectures available, that choice is no longer as clear cut.  

RDX’s NoSQL specialists can help you evaluate both NoSQL and relational architectures, allowing you to rest easy knowing that the industry’s leading database experts are helping you select, design and build the most appropriate database data store for your critical applications. 

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