On March 17th, 2016, Microsoft EVP Scott Guthrie announced Microsoft's plans to bring SQL Server to the Linux operating system. Guthrie stated that the first port of SQL Server 2016 on Linux will be available in mid-2017. This historic shift in strategy provides RDX’s customers with the flexibility to deploy Microsoft’s premier database platform to their operating system of choice.

RDX understands the important role we play as our customers’ trusted database advisor. Part of this responsibility is to maintain continuous research and evaluation efforts involving leading edge OS, network, database and application technologies to ensure our customers are benefiting from the best-in-class practices and products available. Microsoft selected RDX to be included in its first group of beta testers for SQL Server on Linux, and we have been working closely with the Microsoft team to help ensure a successful deployment. 

After launch, RDX intends to fully vet SQL Server’s Linux deployment. RDX’s large technical staff allows it to increase operational efficiency by creating specialists in advanced database features. RDX allocates the Subject Matter Expert with the highest level skill sets in that particular task to provide deep-dive expertise when needed. This methodology ensures that the customer gets the most experienced person available to perform the given task.

RDX’s Subject Matter Experts will evaluate SQL Server 2016’s Linux deployment in the following critical database disciplines: usability, performance, reliability, availability, backup/recovery, SQL/Database performance and features and functionality. RDX will communicate our findings to our customers by inviting them to an RDX presentation and will contribute to the database community by providing information on our blog and industry events.

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