Question: What do you get when you pair the largest networking company in the world with one of the premier cloud storage providers? Answer: Cisco-Google hybrid cloud services.

The two companies will be working together on a comprehensive solution to develop, run, secure and monitor customer applications and data. The Cisco-Google partnership will offer hybrid cloud services that allow customers to plan their cloud migration in accordance with their own strategies and within their own timeframes. It’ll prevent companies from being locked into expensive, outmoded or unmanageable systems. It’ll also help to maximize any investment companies make in cloud technology.

Bringing the Power of the Cloud In-house

Exactly what this solution will look like has yet to be detailed, but the goal of it is to bring the power of the cloud in-house. Once rolled out, developers and other IT professionals will be able to take advantage of Google’s secure cloud-storage tools, using them seamlessly to create applications within their own internal systems environment.

Both Cisco and Google have said that it’s important for customers to be able to take their networking and security capabilities with them when utilizing cloud resources. They say that any multi-cloud solution must also include support for customers’ policy requirements, as well as the ability to get real-time networking and performance data.

Managing Applications Like Never Before

Many companies rely on a combination of public and private cloud services, but there are significant differences between the two. Because of those differences, it’s difficult for developers to write applications that can move easily between environments. Developers must learn to operate in each environment separately. They’re not able, for example, to develop an application in the public cloud and deploy it in the private cloud.

Some applications belong on-premises, and some belong in the public cloud. But what if those applications could all work together? What if applications were able to extend across environments, where they can take advantage of applications and services housed in other data centers and clouds?

The Cisco-Google partnership will offer open-architecture hybrid cloud solutions that allow customers to better develop and manage applications either in-house or in the cloud. It will help developers to make use of open source platforms, such as Kubernetes and Istio, GCP Service Catalog and service mesh monitoring.

Cloud Expertise Gets Companies in the Game, Keeps Them There

The roll-out of the new hybrid cloud solution is expected to occur in early 2018 with a limited number of customers, followed by a full roll-out later in the year.

In the meantime, companies considering Google-Cisco hybrid cloud services would do well to consider taking advantage of the hybrid cloud expertise third-party database managers have to offer. Whether companies are considering the cloud or are already there, a knowledgeable DBA or cloud expert can help them get the most from their cloud investment.

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