Unlocking the power of business intelligence (BI) is reaching a whole new level with the deployment of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in Microsoft’s Power BI software. Power BI already uses AI to help users gain more insight into their enterprise’s business information. It can even ask the questions users didn’t know they ought to ask.

Now, extending Microsoft BI services even further, Power BI employs AI to discover applications in Microsoft’s AppSource library – a repository for Power BI, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 business apps – and suggests apps relevant to specific users.

Microsoft Power BI Benefits Businesses

Microsoft’s Power BI support team continues to strive for benefits that help businesses thrive. Up until now, when users visited AppSource, they would see the list of Power BI apps they had access to sorted alphabetically. These collections of dashboards and reports bundled together may or may not be relevant to each user.

What the new AI capability does is provide that same list of apps but ranks them in order of how relevant they are to the user. Relevance is based on a sophisticated model that looks at each user’s interactions with others in the organization, the relationships users have to each other and the overall popularity of each app. The apps that rise to the top may very likely be ones the user never knew about before but which can offer critical BI solutions.

When users find an app they’re interested in, they simply select “get it now.” The app and all of its contents automatically become available. Users immediately gain valuable BI from the dashboards, reports and workbooks each app contains.

What’s the Impact of This Capability for Businesses?

Business intelligence is the lifeblood of all good business decisions. Having the right data and being able to see and present it in meaningful ways can make the difference between wallowing in the business doldrums or driving success to new heights.

Many decision-makers rely on Power BI to help them make sense of their enterprise-wide big data. Using Power BI apps, they’re able to pull data from a host of sources, analyze it and present it to colleagues, directors and clients in ways that create clear pictures and convincing arguments for making strategic decisions.

Having the right apps for each decision can be crucial to creating a full and speedier understanding of the available data, without a lot of manual configuration. When AI can help users locate the Power BI apps they really need, it’s a good day at the office – and maybe a good year for the company’s bottom line, too.

Optimize Power BI With Help from a Professional BI Analyst

Power BI is a work in constant progress. Microsoft continues to improve performance of Power BI with new features and updated apps that help to power businesses to greater success.

Using AI to make Power BI better is one example. Another new feature is the availability of email subscriptions through Power BI apps, which delivers tailored reports and dashboards directly to users’ inboxes. Yet another is a “one-click scale up” feature that allows Power BI Premium users to devote more computing resources to their deployments without actually migrating their content.

Staying up to date on all these changes can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s where a qualified BI analyst can come in. A Power BI expert can make sure businesses are taking full advantage of all the benefits Power BI has to offer.

The knowledgeable BI analysts at RDX offer Microsoft BI services that allow businesses to leverage Microsoft’s Power BI software suite to turn raw data into revenue while keeping security in the forefront. Contact us today for more information on how you can make Power BI work for your business success.