Since the very beginning, RDX has measured our success by the success and satisfaction of our customers. We made “customer experience” a priority long before it became a buzzword. And we do that by focusing on the relationship, not the contract. By asking for honest feedback, not just testimonials. By ensuring we’re having a demonstrable impact, not just crossing off action items. And while we’re not always perfect, we learn from every experience and bake those learnings into the next engagement, the next offering, and the next business decision.

Because of this, no metric of success is more important to us than the Net Promoter Score we gather in our annual customer survey. We solicited feedback from more than 300 individuals from almost 250 companies in the 2018 survey, and the vast majority rated RDX an 8 or above, out of a maximum score of 10. For anyone unfamiliar with Net Promoter Score, this means RDX customers are happy with our service and likely to recommend us to their colleagues. The areas respondents were polled on included: quality of service, overall value of the service, willingness to recommend RDX, and the types of services that should be added to our portfolio (more infrastructure service was the clear winner!).

Of course, any survey or request for feedback also generates constructive criticism on where we can improve – input that’s far more meaningful than any number. We took all that feedback to heart and now our Client Engagement team is working with the rest of the organization to ensure those recommendations and requests are implemented, from a new and improved ticketing system, to a more effective onboarding process for new customers, to a more proactive consulting approach. This is exactly the kind of feedback we crave from our customers, because it makes us a better partner to all.