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March 22, 2018

RDX Insights Webinar: Migrating On-Premises Databases to Cloud Systems

Migrating On-Premises Databases to Cloud Systems


Join us on March 22 at 2 PM ET as we kick off our 2018 RDX Insights Series with Migrating On-Premises Databases to Cloud Systems. RDX VP of Delivery Strategies and Technologies, Chris Foot, will provide a deeper look at entire cloud conversion life-cycle from building your high-level cloud strategies to database migrations as well as what to watch out for once you’re in the cloud. Attendees can also gain insight into:

  • Differences between IaaS and DBaaS environments
  • Converting to Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments 
  • The steps necessary to make your migration to the cloud successful
  • The impact migrating to a cloud DBMS will have on your IT support

We’ll also discuss specific conversion best practices for the 3 leading cloud DBaaS vendors – Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle. 

Space is limited, so save your seat today to gain the information you need to have a successful transition to a cloud environment!





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