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Jeremy Frye to Host Speaking Session at 2018 PASS Summit

PITTSBURGH –October 26, 2018 – RDX, the leading provider of remote data infrastructure services, is proud to announce that Jeremy Frye, RDX’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Manager, will host a speaking session at this year’s PASS Summit. Taking place November 6-9 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center, the PASS Summit is the SQL Server community’s biggest gather featuring hundreds of conference sessions focusing on application development, cloud solutions, database administration and development and business intelligence.


Jeremy’s session, Speed Up Your SSAS Data Refresh with Dynamic Partition Processing, will dive into building an ETL framework while leveraging the SSAS solution’s logical partition design to process only the necessary data within the measure group. “As data continues to grow, it takes longer for data to come in and for reporting to be refreshed,” said Jeremy. “We live in such a fast-paced society where everyone wants things here and now. The solutions that I’ll provide will allow users to learn how to speed up those refresh mechanisms for their data warehouses or data marts.”


“Jeremy is a very active member of the PASS community who has been attending BI user group meetings and speaking at SQL Saturdays for years,” said Rob Brown, RDX Chief Revenue Officer. “Being selected to speak at a national conference is a tremendous accomplishment, and we are thrilled that he has the opportunity to share his expertise with fellow PASS community members on a larger scale.”


During the PASS Summit, Jeremy will also be attending speaking sessions and networking events. Jeremy added, “A lot of individuals and speakers who attend the PASS Summit consider themselves part of a tight-knit community. We like to feed off each other, we like to teach each other, we learn from each other and we welcome everybody.”


To learn more about Jeremy’s speaking session, please visit our PASS Summit page.

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