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RDX to Kick Off Fall RDX Insights Series Webinars with Focus on SQL Server in the Cloud

PITTSBURGH –September 6, 2018 –RDX, the leader of remote data infrastructure services, will be kicking of the fall portion of its RDX Insights Series webinars with Selecting a SQL Server Cloud Platform- IaaS, Amazon RDS, Azure SQL DB on Thursday, September 20th, at 2 PM ET.  The webinar will provide attendees with a deep-dive analysis of these three cloud alternatives for SQL Server.


RDX Vice President of Delivery Strategies and Technologies and webinar host, Chris Foot, will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of IaaS, Amazon RDS and Azure SQL DB architectures along with its features, costs, ease of migration, toolsets and ongoing support requirements. “SQL Server remains one of the most popular database platforms on the market,” said Chris. “Couple its popularity with the increased interest in cloud database management systems, and you’ll find many organizations struggling to figure out which SQL Server cloud platform option is best for them. I created this webinar to educate IT leaders and make it easier for them to select the most appropriate architecture for their business needs.”


“RDX has helped dozens of companies migrate their SQL Server database environments to the cloud,” said Chief Revenue Officer, Rob Brown. “Through our experiences with IaaS, Amazon RDS and Azure SQL DB architectures, we’ve gained some best practices that help ensure a smooth migration process. We couldn’t think of a better topic as we launch the fall portion of our 2018 RDX Insights Series webinars, and we are very excited to share our knowledge with attendees on September 20th.”


Attendance is limited. Please visit RDX’s webinar registration page to sign up.

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