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Take control of your cloud spend with RDX G5 CFA.

A clear understanding of your cloud usage and spend is critical to unleashing the full power of the cloud. RDX's advanced cloud analysis solution helps your shared IT groups understand every detail about your cloud subscriptions. With RDX CFA, you get fast, comprehensive reporting and analysis of your cloud spending across today's leading public cloud platforms. See who is spending what and where, and take back control of your cloud. RDX's G5 CFA solution helps your organization do more than just reduce costs. We help you optimize your multi-cloud spend to empower your people and fuel innovation. Let's unleash the power of the cloud, together.

Getting started with G5 Cloud Financial Advisor couldn’t be easier, and only takes a few minutes. Discover more about your cloud workload and cost by using G5 Cloud Financial Advisor today!

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Cloud Financial Advisor (CFA) Features

Cloud Cost Control.

Cloud Cost Control

Don’t just reduce costs. Optimize your multi-cloud infrastructure and spend to empower your people and drive innovation.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Stop wasting your money and only pay for what you need. Optimize cloud spend and free up capital for more strategic initiatives.

Cloud Visibilitity

Cloud Visibilitity

Gain an accurate, real-time view of your cloud usage and spend across multiple platforms from a single pane of glass.

Multi-Cloud Support

Multi-Cloud Support

With RDX CFA, you get fast, comprehensive reporting and analysis of your cloud spending across today’s leading public cloud platforms, AWS & Azure.

24x7 Best-in-Class Support

24x7 Best-in-Class Support

24/7 support from the expert database developers that built the product to ensure the health of your production deployments.

Security & Compliance

Advanced Security

Enable an additional layer of security with SSL-based access, and encrypt your data and backups "at-rest."

Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

Customize deployments, secure your data, and maintain full admin control of your databases across multiple clouds with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

License Compliance

License Compliance

Run your applications with a native version of your commercial database to maintain license compliance and support standards.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring & Analytics

Around the clock performance monitoring of all critical services to keep cloud and DB environments available and high performing.

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Cloud Financial Advisor Benefits

Optimize your multi-cloud spend to empower your people and fuel innovation with RDX's G5 Cloud Financial Advisor (CFA).

Hosted on Popular Cloud Providers

Deploy your favorite databases in minutes on today's leading cloud platforms.


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