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What's New With RDX GO?

Stay in the know about RDX GO with release notes, features and enhancements.

New Password Reset Process

Previously, an RDX GO user who wanted to reset his/her password needed to use the RDX Support Portal's password reset process, which entailed entry of cell phone verification information as well as a series of questions and answers. Because of this process, passwords could not be reset directly from a mobile device. With this update, users no longer need to enroll in the process, and forgotten passwords can be reset both from the RDX Support Portal and from RDX GO. After onboarding, any ServiceNow user can click on the Forgot Password? link and follow the self-reset process at any time. After completing a simple verification process, users receive an email with a link to a password reset form. For additional detail, refer to the RDX GO online help, accessible directly from the app.

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