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10 Reasons to Choose RDX

Adopt new technologies to grow your business. Our experts are here to help you succeed. When you partner with RDX, we provide you with the talent, tools and services you need to innovate faster, keep ahead of the competition, and demonstrate the true value of IT. You get the expertise you need, when and where you need them, freeing you to focus on innovation. Learn why over 500 customers trust their critical systems to RDX. 

Database Optimization

1) Optimize Database Efficiencies and Operations

The costs of application outages and system slowdowns include lost revenue, idle employees, regulatory compliance failures and loss of customer goodwill. RDX has 22 years of service delivery experience and currently supports over 6,000 database systems for 430+ customers. RDX Primary DBAs become your DBAs and assume total ownership of the environments they support, which includes helping their customers improve the quality of their DB environments. It’s what they do – day in and day out. Primary DBAs are supported by dedicated Subject Matter Experts who provide deep-dive expertise in HA architectures, database/SQL statement performance, security/auditing and advanced database features. All RDX support professionals work from centralized delivery centers, allowing our customers to leverage the collective knowledge of hundreds of onsite DBAs and Subject Matter Experts.

Continuity of Support

2) Get Continuity of Support - Guaranteed

Attracting and retaining skilled database and operating system professional can be a challenging task. RDX’s offering guarantees support continuity and provides you immediate access to the skills you need. RDX Primary DBAs automatically come with assigned secondary support professionals who intimately know your environments. With RDX, you never have to worry about employee turnover, and RDX doesn’t take sick, vacation or training days. We are there when you need us – all the time.

Ease of doing business

3) Ease of Doing Business - “One Rate for Everything We Do”

Ease of doing business begins with systems integration. Led by the customer’s assigned Onboarding Concierge, RDX’s onboarding team’s only goal is to quickly and effortlessly integrate your systems into our support architecture. After integration, customers have access to a ServiceNow portal that allows them to enter new change requests as well as check on the status of existing work items. Additionally, customers are sent weekly reports that provide a detailed breakdown of all activities RDX support professionals performed during the current reporting period. The customer’s Primary and Secondary DBAs can be contacted by phone, email support group, individual emails or the customer’s preferred chat software.

Flexible Service Packages

4) Increase Agility with Flexible, Customized Service Packages

RDX’s flexible offering allows you to tailor a monitoring and administrative service package that meets your unique needs. RDX service packages range from assuming total ownership of your entire environment to supplemental service offerings designed to augment your internal staff. RDX can handle everything – from daily administration and change management activities to highly available architecture design. Customers are able to easily scale contracts to meet fluctuating workloads and add new environments and database products to be supported by simply creating a ticket in RDX’s work request portal.

Database Security

5) Reduce Operational Risk with Secure, SSAE16 Compliant Services

RDX’s staff is backed by a Secure and SSAE16 Service Quality Certified monitoring and support infrastructure that has been continuously improved and enhanced over our 20-year history. RDX works with each customer to custom tailor connectivity and administrative account security configurations that meet their needs.

Reduce Database TCO

6) Reduce Total Cost of Support

Customers leveraging RDX support services do not have to incur in-house employee expenses that include recruiting, HR administration, benefit plan contributions, 401K and retirement plan contributions as well as contributions to Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment. RDX’s support specialists are backed by a robust service delivery engine that includes industry-leading software packages such as Secret Server’s password vault for secure credential storage, SolarWinds for robust, end-to-end enterprise monitoring and ServiceNow for work requests and time keeping. All of RDX’s service offerings provide customers with access to our software packages as well as the monitoring and problem resolution services provided by our 24x7x365 Database Operations Center.

Full DBa

7) Reduce Problem Impact with RDX's DOC Team

Database availability, performance and usability issues can wreak havoc on your ability to provide a high-quality data processing environment to your internal and external users. RDX’s DOC team guarantees 15-minute response times (in your system working) for all critical issues. The DOC team consists of dedicated professionals who are trained in database administration, monitoring, problem pattern identification, problem prevention and quick problem resolution. DOC specialists meet internally, and with clients, in a constant effort to improve system performance and availability. RDX’s DOC team is able to tailor event identification, notification, escalation and resolution procedures to servers, databases, application jobs and specific return codes. Customers benefit from a 100% customized monitoring solution./p>

Remote Database Support

8) Fully Maximize Your Database Investments

RDX understands that DBMS product licensing and vendor maintenance contracts command a premium price in the marketplace. To gain the most return on their database investment, IT organizations must ensure that they are fully leveraging the complete set of benefits that each database product inherently provides. While understanding all of the inherent database features is important, implementing the features that bring each application the most benefit is the key to success. RDX Primary DBAs and Subject Matter Experts recommend feature implementations, licensing cost reduction strategies that include server and database consolidations, standard vs enterprise version evaluations, as well as database product selections for new database-driven applications.


9) Better Leverage Existing Resources to Drive Innovation

RDX’s supplemental support packages allow IT organizations to free up their internal resources to work on projects that increase revenue, improve customer experience, increase internal staff productivity as well as the numerous strategic IT initiatives that you are asked to complete. RDX can provide your support team with assistance that ranges from day-to-day support and assuming total ownership of off-hour on-call support to advanced database tuning and architecture design. RDX customers can custom design a service delivery package that frees up their internal resources to work on higher ROI activities and improves their quality of life. RDX’s full support offerings allow you to focus on your business - not on database support. RDX’s DBAs become your DBAs and assume total ownership of your environment. You can rest easy knowing your systems are supported by an entire team of expert monitoring and administration professionals backed by a robust service delivery engine.

Database Monitoring Support

10) Improve Visibility into Critical Database Assets

RDX’s goal is to improve each customer’s understanding of their database environments by providing better visibility into their systems. RDX provides all customers with a monitoring portal that allows them to “see what we see.” Customers are able to access their portal at any time to review key OS and DB availability and performance indicators. RDX utilizes SolarWinds, an industry-leading monitoring package, to power its monitoring architecture. Customers desiring to further leverage SolarWinds’ capabilities can request non-database servers, customized monitors and additional metrics to be included as part of their service. RDX Primary DBAs and dedicated Subject Matter Experts are happy to explain any of the services they provide and the reasons why they need to be performed. Their explanations can be as high level or as detailed as desired

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